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A collection of supplies including flashlight, backpack, batteries, water bottles, first aid kit, lantern, radio, can opener, and mask.



From tornados and high winds to floods, freezes, and so much more, Texas has seen the worst of the worst when it comes to natural disasters. Why not prepare yourself this winter season for the just-in-case scenario that we might see a repeat of the February, 2021, winter storm? Here are three key things we recommend having on hand in your home for winter preparedness. 

Emergency Go Bag

When an emergency hits, the last thing you need to be worried about is collecting all of your important belongings. It’s just a smart move to have a go bag ready to grab in a heartbeat if something goes wrong. A simple backpack or duffle bag should suffice, or even go for a pre-packaged emergency bag. Pack it full of essential items, like batteries, water bottles, a few cans of food, a flashlight, a mask, a basic first aid kit, medications, copies of important documents, and anything else you might need in the event of an emergency. 

Food & Water Supply

Whether it’s icy, impassable roads during a storm, a food shortage, or another major event, you’ll never want to be in a position where you don’t have enough food and water. The CDC recommends having at least one gallon of water per person per day. And, at minimum, half a gallon of water per pet per day. Grab a few gallons of drinking water from your local supermarket. And make it even easier by purchasing gallon jugs with handles for easy carrying. Throw a few pop-top cans or packets of instant food plus a bit of your pet’s food (if you have pets) into a transportable bag and put it next to your main emergency go bag.

Portable Generator

While they’re more on the expensive side, a portable generator is still an amazing thing to have on hand when you need it most. If you’ve been out of power for five days, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is “was this $500 generator worth it?”. Running anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, you can purchase a portable generator that can give you instant power in the event of an emergency. Check out this model for under $500. It easily fits inside a closet or under your bed somewhere.

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