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Four people in a checker patterned room with one person holding up a key

Must-Visit Escape Rooms Near Keller

Visit Exciting Escape Rooms Near Keller

If you like fast-paced action, head to an escape room near our Keller apartments. You'll need to use your detective skills to discover clues and solve puzzles before time runs out. The escape rooms near our Olympus Stone Glen include:

Escape the Room 

Nestled in the heart of Fort Worth, Escape the Room features six unique games sure to test your problem-solving skills. You'll have 60 minutes, and the games are perfect for date night, team building, or an evening with friends. Try The Submarine. The captain has gone insane. Your team of eight is trapped at the bottom of the sea. Your mission is to make your way to the surface before your oxygen supply runs out. 

Grapevine Escape 

When Russell and Amber Sebastian decided to bring new entertainment to the Metroplex, Grapevine Escape was born. Russell is passionate about games, puzzles, and technology, and each room takes teamwork and communication to succeed. Try The Wine Vault. During a winery tour, you wander into a highly guarded room. Suddenly, you're face to face with the winemaker who thinks you're there to steal his recipes. The police are on their way. You have 60 minutes to find an alibi, or charges will be pressed. 

Alcatraz Escape Games 

At Alcatraz Escape Games, you'll find yourself in the middle of a mystery. Your team will need to work quickly to solve puzzles, riddles, and hidden games to complete your mission before time runs out. Test your skills during The Row. You are on death row. An outside source has placed clues to aid in your escape, and if you use them wisely, you'll open the door to freedom. This room has a success rate of only 22 percent. 

For another way to have fun, roll for strikes at a nearby alley. Finally, if you would like to call Olympus Stone Glen home, please contact us. Our leasing team will show you everything our Keller apartments have to offer.