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Mixed-breed dog wearing a bandana



International Mutt Day is coming up on July 31. In honor of the big day, let’s take a moment to appreciate just how amazing mixed-breed dogs are. Here are four reasons mutts rule!

They Have Good Genes

Because mutts’ genetic makeup is shaped by a variety of breeds, they are often less susceptible to certain hereditary disorders that plague purebred dogs. That might mean less money spent on veterinary bills and longer life spans.

They Cost Less & Are Equally Awesome

Why shell out thousands of dollars on a purebred dog when a mutt is just as awesome? Awesomer, even. Because your pup possesses characteristics of a variety of breeds, you’re often getting a fun mix of personality traits.

Chances Are You’re Adopting

If you’re welcoming a mixed-breed pup into your home, chances are you’re adopting – and that’s good for all the shelter pets out there in search of a forever home. Shelters are often full of mixed-breed dogs looking for good homes. Plus, when you adopt, some of the early veterinary care you’d have to pay big bucks for is already taken care of – think shots, spay/neuter surgery, etc.

They’re Unique

Mixed-breed dogs’ unique backgrounds make for some seriously cute faces. Just check out this gallery of gorgeous mutts.

Seriously, Though, You Can’t Go Wrong

All dogs are good dogs. Whether you’re adopting a mixed-breed or purebred pup, you really can’t go wrong.

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