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Relief sculptures of Egyptian hieroglyphs.



Travel back in time with a visit to the Kimbell Art Museum to check out Queen Nefertari's Egypt Exhibit, on display until Sunday, March 14. You can find out more about who Nefertari was and some features of the exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum website. Nefertari was the wife of pharaoh Ramesses II, and her tomb is well known for its lavish interior. 

A Quick Drive From Keller, Texas

The Kimbell Art Museum is located in Fort Worth, Texas, 20 miles southwest of Olympus Stone Glen. The museum is renowned for its Asian and European-focused exhibits, so this is a rare treat! Before you go, you can pre-purchase tickets for quicker entry and download the audio tour ahead of time. The audio tour gives a great introduction to the exhibit and walks you through the collection. 

Enjoy Online

Experience the exhibit online by taking a virtual tour. The online tour allows you to click on featured displays to learn more about each piece. If you don’t want to pay or download the Kimbell app for the audio tour, there is also a free transcript of the audio tour available. Learn the history behind objects that date back to the 1200s B.C.

Get Crafty

A great additional way to learn more about Egyptian culture while getting creative is to use the printable craft instructions on the Kimbell Art Museum website. Carve your own relief sculpture out of soap or design a stela modeled after the stela of Nakhi from the exhibition. 

If you’re looking for more interactive fun to have around Keller, Texas, read more at the Olympus Stone Glen blog