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Resident couple holding hands while on a hike through a forest near Olympus Stone Glen in Keller, Texas



Recent world events and added uncertainties have pushed us to find escape and comfort in activities that take our mind off the news or work. Beat that stress or anxiety with our list of four soul-soothing hobbies to try today.


With current social distancing practices, venturing out into nature and expanding your four walls sounds pretty appealing! So grab a friend (and your pup if you have one!) and head into the great outdoors. Try visiting a new destination each week to get to know your area’s awesome walking trails, like the Bear Creek Trail or the C. Shane Wilbanks Trail.


Practice quieting your mind with stress-relieving coloring meditation. Zone out with some music and an essential oil diffuser while you color. Looking to have a laugh with it? Check out this hilarious Drinking Animals Coloring Book.

Soap Making

A tried and true self-soothing activity is taking a warm bath, so why not make your own bath soap for your self-care routine with this DIY soap-making kit. Spend time mixing up a variety of concoctions with essential oils, dried flowers, and herbs.


What’s better than pulling a tray of warm cookies from the oven after a stressful day? Baking is the ultimate soul soothing hobby on our list! Comfort food calms us and brings us those warm, feel-good fuzzies from nostalgic childhood memories of our favorite treats. Learn to make a gardenscape focaccia bread or try your hand at learning a new pastry recipe each week.

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