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Over the past few years, RVing has become something reserved not just for those in the retired community. It’s actually a really cool way to explore – a house on wheels, you might say. Just load up your favorite pillow, a bunch of great road snacks, and then you’re set with a full kitchen, shower, and comfy bed. Whether you’re grabbing a motorhome for the weekend from Auto & RV World of Texas or you just bought a shiny new Airstream, these quick tips will help you glamp like a pro.

Leave Room for Nothing

Half the fun of hopping in an RV and driving is being in the RV and driving! You get to see the vast Texas landscapes from an entirely new perspective when you slow down and see where the winding roads take you. Our most important tip: Plan some flexibility into your road trip. Take your time, make those random stops, and enjoy the little moments.

Be an RV Kitchen Champ

It’s pretty awesome having a kitchen with you on the road. The key to your best RV life is simplicity when it comes to food. Go back to the basics with minimal ingredients and super-handy accessories like an Instant Pot. Go RVing is a perfect resource to find delicious and easygoing recipes for on the go. 

Take It Outside

Most RVs have an awning, which makes for a cool outdoor setup. Be sure to pack an outdoor rug, some fold-up chairs, and, of course, some twinkly lights to set the vibe. Every RVer knows that chilling outside on a warm summer night with some ribs on the barbecue is the way to go.

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