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Flamingo at Houston Zoo near Olympus Grand Crossing in Katy, Texas



Not far from Olympus Grand Crossing is a popular destination that's home to more than six thousand animals from across the globe.

We're talking about the Houston Zoo, and its mission is to connect communities with animals while inspiring action to save wildlife.

There are an array of exhibits to explore including Carruth Natural Encounters which takes visitors on an adventure through a desert, rainforest canopy, and coral reef all under one roof.

Species seen along the way include:


Meerkats are charming creatures that weigh approximately two pounds. They're often seen in groups, and a few will serve as lookouts to watch for prey such as hawks and eagles. Meerkats are famous for their upright posture, and they frequently move from one burrow to another.


Found in the warm rainforests of Central and South America, aracaris are identified by their bright feathers and large colorful beaks. These birds are relatively quiet, and in the wild, they never venture far from forested areas. Aracaris nest in trees, usually in hollows made by woodpeckers, and newly hatched chicks are featherless and have a short bill.

Saki Monkey

Native to northern and central South America, saki monkeys are a diurnal species which means they're awake during the day and sleep at night. These animals move on all fours and typically eat flowers, insects, and leaves. While exploring the exhibit, listen for the high pitched cries they make to warn one another of threats.

At times, zookeepers host a Tamandua Talk that allows visitors to see a unique animal that lives behind the scenes. It's an exciting event that's not to be missed.

The Houston Zoo is just one of the many outdoor attractions near our apartment community. If you are looking for a place to call home, please contact our leasing agents to arrange a showing where you can see firsthand all we have to offer.