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Friends for a hike in the sun in Katy, Texas near Olympus Grand Crossing



It’s hot out there! But you don’t want to let a little warm weather get in the way of a good time. Whether you’re tossing some cornhole or running laps, you’ve got to keep your cool. Check out our tips on keeping comfortable while enjoying the outdoors.

Dress Appropriately

Thin, light clothing will go a long way in keeping you cool, allowing the air to circulate around you and your sweat to do its job (i.e. evaporate). You should also stay away from dark colors, which absorb more heat.

Stay Hydrated

This should go without saying, but be sure to drink plenty of fluids. If you’re a big sweater, you may want to supplement water with an electrolyte solution to help replace more of what you lose.

Chill Your Wardrobe

This is a next-step option: Depending on how hot it is, either put your clothes in your freezer for a couple of hours before putting them on and heading out, or soak them in cold water (and then wring them out, of course). The latter should keep you cool a little longer but may not be fine dining-appropriate.

Spray Cool

Keep a spray bottle of water in the fridge or in your cooler, if you’ve got one with you. When you can no longer stand the heat, grab your spray bottle and dowse your face and head. Amazing.

Invest in Specialty Gear

The Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Multi-Functional Gaiter uses the power of magic to wick away sweat and cool your body temperature. Maybe the perfect substitute for a face mask this summer.

For more tips on keeping cool, check out the Olympus Grand Crossing blog.