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Man and woman lying on a checkered blanket in the grass with smiles on their faces and a basket in the background.



Good weather invites you to spend a little more time outside, soaking up the sun and enjoying outdoor activities. If you’re trying to keep your wallet happy this season, here are three great ways to get outdoors without breaking the bank.


If you buy food, it is possible to turn said food into an outdoor activity. Pack a lunch to enjoy somewhere with a great view and it’s almost like you paid for the experience. You did pay for the food, but you were going to do that anyway. A picnic is one of the most underrated outdoor activities that you can elevate with music, a good book, or a pillow to take a nap.

Explore on Foot

Nothing hurts your wallet less than your Chevrolegs. Lace up your Shoebarus and head out on foot to explore your neighborhood, a local park, or a downtown area for some window shopping. Walking makes for light exercise, great people-watching, and apparently, it’s good for your mental health.

DIY Yard Games

Yard games have become a big hit over the years, starting with cornhole and escalating to giant Jenga and life-sized chess. Yard games are expensive, costing close to 100 bucks for basic sets. A few you can make yourself for cheap. Jenga is easy to make at home for about 20 dollars. But if woodworking isn’t in your wheelhouse, other options require less tool work. Head to a home improvement store for some PVC pipe, and you can make your own ladder ball set for cheap. Assembly is simple, and afterward, you’ll have hours of fun to be had outdoors.

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