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Herbs lined up on a distressed wood background.



Spice up the kitchen and bring a little green indoors with an herb garden. Here are a few tips to get started.

Choose Your Plants

Before you start, do a little research on what herbs you want to fill your garden with. Where you’ve selected to place the plants is important, too. Check out this list of herbs that do well indoors. Another key tip is to get herbs you will actually use! There’s no reason to grow mint if you’ll hardly use it.

The Right Tools

Starting an herb garden starts with pots! There are a variety of herb garden pots and containers to fit just about any space. You can also upcycle items around the house to use as pots for a cute DIY touch. Your herbs will also need a great sunny spot, potting soil, and good drainage to thrive.

Seeds or Starter Plants?

The easiest way to get a garden going is with starter plants. If you attempt to use seeds you will need a lot more time for your plants to grow, and you might have to try and fail a few times before growing successful sprouts. Unless you’re experienced, skip the seeds and the headache.


Herbs require different care levels. Basil requires lots of sun and is happiest when well watered, while thyme needs less water. Think about what plants will do best in your designated space, and pay mind to each. Download this smartphone app or write down a watering schedule on a calendar to keep up with your herbs’ care.


Make sure to use your herbs! Harvesting will promote more growth, so enjoy them at will.

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