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Decorating in smaller spaces can be a challenge. But once you learn how to take advantage of every square foot and create elements of style within your home, you’ve got it made. The trick is to study the work of interior designers – particularly those who specialize in small spaces and apartment living.

Here are some of our favorite design accounts on Instagram to give you a little inspiration during your next scroll session.


Emma is a Swedish stylist who knows how to make a statement. As you might predict, her work is inspired by Nordic design elements and highlights clean lines and a kind of “no frills coziness.” Note the sense of space she creates by choosing modern furniture designs and minimalist decor. The only place where she doesn’t employ minimalism is with blankets and throw pillows, and the overabundance of these items lends a warm and cozy vibe to an indoor space.


John Stoffer is a Chicago-based interior photographer whose Instagram feed features an eclectic mix of indoor spaces, as well as tight areas, small rooms, and his own studio apartment. Here, you’ll find lots of examples of monochromatic design, modern and sleek furniture, as well as those little details that make interior spaces pop.


UK stylist and The Luxe Magazine columnist Kerry Lockwood is famous for creating warmth and coziness in small spaces – and in ways that are very “renter-friendly.” Take a look at the way she uses plants and string lights to add interest and beauty to walls, without damaging them. And note her use of mirrors that reflect light and open up small spaces.


This fun and feisty Instagram account is run by blogger Emma Hopkinson, and features her journey to turn a “crap apartment” into something beautiful and homey. Here, you’ll find seriously minimalist design and a severe lean into monochromatic color themes that have a surprisingly stylish and intriguing effect.


If you’re particularly looking for someone with an eye for using small spaces efficiently, this is the Instagram account for you! Podcaster and blogger Alison Mazurek illustrates the power of a simple, white color palette and the importance of good storage systems to keep everything looking clean and tidy.

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