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Woman lounging on a couch kicking her feet up, with a glass of red wine.



Have a mid-week celebration with Wine Down Wednesday, hosted by the team at Olympus Las Colinas. Pat yourself on the back for making it halfway through the week, and pick up a bottle of wine and snacks at our office from 5-7 PM this Wednesday, February 24. Afterward, use these tips to prepare for a full night of epic relaxation. 

Read A Book

There’s no better complement to a bottle of wine than diving into a new book. Escape between the pages of a different world and let the story take your worries away. Stop by Half-Price Books if you need to browse the shelves for the perfect read.

Start A Dance Party

A great way to wine down is to party down. Turn on your favorite jams and dance the blues away. Not only is dancing a great workout, it will help you feel less guilty about the calories, and it’s also a great stress-reliever. Get those endorphins flowing to some tunes. 

Run A Bath

Pour a glass of wine, light a candle, and envelop yourself in bubbles. Celebrate your mid-week success with an indulgent bubble bath. Let the warm water and aromatic scents melt away the stress. 

A night of self-care is officially on the books. If you’re really looking to wine down, try all three. Stop by the Irving Mall to stock up on candles, bath supplies, and maybe a new plush bathrobe. The team at Olympus Las Colinas is lobbying to have wine down Wednesdays a thing. Build some stress release into your weekly schedule, and we’ll help you kick off your routine right. 

Looking for more ideas to stress less and enjoy more? Check out the Olympus Las Colinas blog.


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