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Man and woman hiking in a forest



One of the best things you can do for your health in the new year is to move your body – and it’s even better to do it outdoors, in the fresh air, where you can soak up some vitamin D from the Texas sun. Here are some of our picks for the best trails in the region.

Spring Creek Nature Trail

This trail, found in the Spring Creek Nature Area, will make you feel like you’re taking a stroll through the woods, thanks to all the trees that block out the views and noise from the nearby highway. You’ll get to enjoy a mild hike on this 2.3-mile paved loop with no more than a 3% grade at its steepest, not to mention some negative ions from the river that runs through this nature area. Dogs on leashes are also welcome!

Duck Creek Linear Park

This park features just over 26 acres of beautiful land, with its star attraction being – you guessed it – the ducks in the creek. The paved trail is multiuse, which means if you get bored walking or jogging, you can bring your bike and enjoy your workout on two wheels. It also features picnic facilities and plenty of benches for resting.

Huck Finn Trail

Sometimes, the best things are hidden right in the city, as is the case with the Prairie Creek waterfall. Follow the 1.4-mile trail, cross the idyllic bridges, and you’ll get to enjoy the soothing sound of this beautiful water feature. Surrounded by birds and honeysuckle, you won’t find a better place to unwind and get in a good workout. And you can bring your leashed pup, as well.

Breckinridge Park Trail

Though this one is a little bit more of a drive, you’ll find it’s a slightly quieter location, on a less heavily trafficked, 4.3-mile trail. It’s a great way to work on your endurance, and you’ll love the natural features of the area – especially the wildflowers.

Renner Trail

Here, you’ll find yourself connected to some of the best trails in the city, giving you access to a full 8 miles of trail. A full 12 feet in width, this multiuse trail feels comfortable for both walking and biking.

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