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Couple paddle boarding in Irving, Texas near Olympus Las Colinas



With all the great lakes around Olympus Las Colinas, it makes sense to take advantage of flat water paddling opportunities. Stand up paddle boarding is a great way to explore the waterways and offers a different perspective from traditional water sports – on top of a board, you can see down into the water. To enjoy a day on the lake paddle boarding, check out our list of must-have gear.

Water-Tight Protective Case

A dry bag or other form of water-tight protective case is your key to keeping the essentials you bring along dry. Store snacks, your phone or camera, and car keys. Try a traditional dry-style bag like the Sea to Summit brand or one specific for smaller items such as JOTO’s waterproof phone pouch.


A leash is a must-have when it comes to staying connected to your board. Similar to a surf leash, it maintains contact between your board and your ankle. If you’ve ever been dunked by a rogue wave and had to swim to retrieve your paddle board, you’ll now understand why this piece of essential equipment made our list. And if you haven’t encountered this – trust us on this one and thank us later!

Onboard Storage

Have a bag or duffel that can handle larger items, like extra clothes or larger items you want to take along. On board bags, or deck bags, come in a variety of sizes and shapes to ensure your paddling experience is still amazing.

Personal Floatation Device

Even though your paddle board may serve as a large floatation device, it’s important to have a personal life vest at the ready. While traditional life preservers are good enough for paddling, if you decide to get serious about the sport, you might consider a waist-style PFD, like Stearns inflatable device. These types of personal floatation devices give you the range of motion you need to excel at paddling and offer the peace of mind should you lose contact with your paddle board.

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