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Woman dressed as a witch taking a selfie with her dog dressed as a vampire at Olympus Las Colinas



Are you ready for our pet costume contest on October 23? If you and your furry friend are determined to win, you’re going to need something more than a bandana or a tiny hat. Think outside the box and remember: You can’t go wrong with something cute, quirky, or funny.

You can opt for a simple, store-bought costume, of course, or get creative with some homemade props and a little crafting. Here are a few fun costume ideas that cover both options.


Is your cat really a lion on the inside? Is your pup a ferocious sleeper? This lion’s mane is a fun, easy, no-sew costume you can make yourself, adding any personal touches you like, such as unusual colors or different materials. You can even create something entirely different by gluing cotton balls to the head and chest pieces to turn your lion into a lamb.

Walking Spaceship

This costume, available at Chewy, will not fail to make people laugh. Simply place it over your dog or cat’s head and when viewed from the front, it will look like your pet is peeking out the window of this little rocket ship. Best of all, it’s a steal.


Are you a paper crafter? If so, you will love making this simple, adorable costume for your furry companion. All you need are a few easily available materials (all of which you probably have on hand already). Although the instructions list a vest or other garment you can repurpose for your pet, you could easily substitute your pet’s existing winter vest or harness.

Walking Panda Bear

We cannot get over these hoodie pet costumes. This Walking Panda Bear Costume from Amazon is just too much. (It’s also available in Teddy Bear and Lion versions.)


For extra cute points, dress up in matching costumes. You can try Party City’s Daphne and Scooby-Doo or compete with your pet to see which of you makes the cuter Scooby.


For those of you who prefer to stick with the simplicity of a bandana and cute hat, why not take it to the next level? How about an adorable, furry aviator?

Be creative and don’t forget to send in a photo of your pet before the deadline. For more tips on celebrating the holidays in style, visit the Olympus Las Colinas blog.