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Welcome to the new year, where you have the chance to focus on healthy goals and smarter choices. Here are three smoothie shops in the Irving area to help you keep your goals in 2022.

Smoothies Paradise

If you’re looking for blended bliss, head to the Irving Mall and order a Strawberry Banana Smoothie from Smoothies Paradise. Smoothies Paradise is a family-owned and operated juice stop that’s been mixing up fresh fruit for over 20 years. They serve a variety of ice creams and drinks, but if you’re looking for a nutrition-packed snack you’ll want to pay special attention to the smoothie menu. Their fruit blends are all high in protein and vitamins and low in calories. You can feel like you’re indulging, even while sticking to your resolution.

Smoothie King

Whole fruits, organic veggies, and tasty combinations await at Smoothie King. These blended drinks have it all, whether you need that morning wake-up call with a Coffee High Protein Almond Mocha or are ordering a lunchtime snack like an Original High Protein Pineapple. The variety of flavors and types can help you achieve any goal in 2022.


NrGize is a smoothie shop that inspires a healthy lifestyle. They offer special drinks to help replenish after a workout, prepare for a cardio session, or for a total meal replacement. Depending on what your goals are, NrGize has a smoothie to help. They also offer a few dessert-inspired options that can satisfy your sugar cravings but are also low in calories and loaded with protein, to help you stay on track.

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