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Cat lying on its side in a basket



The temperamental creatures they are, most cats love a good sanctuary – a place they can escape to for a little self-care and solo time when they need a break from it all. These five products make the perfect hideaway for your feline friend.

Cat Cave

The Cat Cave is made of eco-friendly, ethically sourced organic wool and comes in a ton of fun colors. These almost completely enclosed caves offer cats a sense of security – and they look pretty comfortable, too!

Fhasso Cat Bed

Bamboo is all the rage right now. They make bamboo everything. Utensils. Towels. Bottles. Batteries. Bed sheets. Toothbrushes. Toilet paper. Cat beds. Yep, cat beds. Fhasso’s bamboo cat bed is chic, durable, and pairs well with most any modern decor. A win all the way around!

LumoLeaf Cat Bed

Looking for the Swiss Army Knife of cat beds? LumoLeaf has you covered with its 3-in-1 convertible cat cave. It’s a pillowy soft bed, a padded mat, and a cave all in one. This foldy wonder is also super portable. 

TwinCritters Handmade Wool Cat Cave Bed

Fair warning: This might not match every decorating scheme, but it’s awesome nonetheless. Behold, the grey shark cat cave! Also awesome: the brown hippo version!

K&H Thermo-Kitty Bed

Does your kitty run cold? Give the K&H Thermo-Kitty Bed a look. Its soft fleece cover is comfy in its own right. Add in the bed warmer and you pretty much have the sanctuary of your cat’s dreams. 

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