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Game night is here! It’s time to clear the table, mix some drinks, and possibly ruin a few friendships. If you’re tired of the same old games, here are a few new epic board games to try with your friends.


Codenames won Board Game of The Year in 2016 and is a clue-giving game where codemasters try to help their teammates identify secret agents while avoiding assassins. Rounds go pretty quickly, so you can play for 20 minutes or 2 hours. You’ll laugh at some of the hints people come up with and, of course, argue on interpretations of the clue. Best part? You can actually play Codenames for free online, or on your phone!


For fans of Dungeons & Dragons who don’t have the time, Zombicide offers a solution. The characters, quests, and maps are all done for you with no demented dungeon masters required. Selected heroes will embark on a mission to gather supplies, uncover objectives, and escape with their lives on a zombie apocalypse inspired board. Different expansions offer medieval and sci-fi twists on the game. The quests take 2-4 hours, so be prepared for the long haul.

Bargain Quest

Bargain Quest has it all – action, adventure, and capitalism. Each player runs a shop to equip heroes for battle. You can choose to help the team kill an impending foe, or choose to bleed the hero dry of every last coin and equip them with flimsy armor. The person with the most money wins, but it’s important to note that if all heroes in the deck die, everyone loses.


What is board game night without some type of deception game? Obscurio is a cooperative game where players use clues to find the right door to escape the library. The catch? One person is a traitor trying to steer players to the wrong portals. It’s a twist on the popular Mysterium, which was purely co-op based.

7 Wonders

If managing a shop wasn’t enough, you can rule your own civilization. This card drafting game helps you gather resources, build your empire, and battle your friends for supremacy. 7 Wonders is the most awarded game in the world. That’s about as epic as it gets.

If you can’t meet up with your friends in person, all of these games are available on Tabletop Simulator through Steam (including Codenames). Never miss game night again.

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