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Woman at farmers market near Olympus Las Colinas in Irving, Texas



Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more pleasure to be had. September is a great time to enjoy some truly delicious seasonal fruits and veggies, all reaching their ultimate ripeness in this transitional month. Check out our guide to a few of nature’s can’t-miss treats for September in Texas.


You’d have to be crazy not to like figs. And in September, they are so delicious – bursting with a concentrated sweetness and flavors like light and dark sugar, honey, or berries, depending on the variety you choose. Yay figs!


These orange fruits have a truly unique texture and delicately sweet flavor. Persimmons are delicious in pies and make a wonderful jam. You can also eat them like an apple, or slice off the top and eat the insides out with a spoon. They’re versatile!


People usually love or hate eggplant, with little in-between. When cooked, they have a reputation for becoming kind of slimy. Part of the problem is that they hold a lot of moisture. Look for a recipe that calls for salting the eggplant before cooking. This will draw out the excess liquid, leaving you with just the delicious, silky smooth flesh.


Chances are you already know all about pears. They’re delicious eaten off the core or sliced up like an apple. And they’re even better poached. In fact, you should poach some pears right now! And then eat them warm with vanilla ice cream. Yum.


We know these aren’t technically a fruit, but fresh, seasonal carrots right out of the ground have an amazing flavor that can’t be beat. Eat them raw or roasted. Pickle them or poke your brother with one. Whatever you choose to do, do it with a fresh carrot from your local farmers market.

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