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A white bathroom counter with a wooden tray holding a rolled white towel, a succulent plant in a white pot, and a brass and marble soap dispenser.



Whatever the style or vintage of your bathroom, it’s often a space that seems bland and uninteresting. But just a few small changes can transform it into a room you might see on the pages of an upscale design magazine or in a fancy hotel. Here’s how.

Swanky Bath Products

For an instant upgrade, swap out your current bath products for some higher-end brands that will convey a sense of luxury. Soaps, lotions, and shampoos are all fair game. If you’re loyal to the brands you use or don’t want to shell out the money for expensive products, just head to T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods or Pottery Barn and find some fancy dispensers to put your drugstore products in. You’ll get the high-end vibes for a one-time cost.

A Feature Wall

If your property manager at Olympus Las Colinas OKs it, pick one wall in your bathroom and paint it a bold, rich color to liven up a neutral palette and add visual interest. You can achieve the same effect with removable wallpaper (but you’ll probably want to keep it in an area that won’t get a lot of direct contact with water). This is a sophisticated trick that designers use to bring glamor to small spaces, and the color and pattern options are almost endless.


To achieve that sleek, minimalist look that screams elegance, you can’t have bathroom counters buried in toiletries, makeup brushes, and cotton balls. Get some organizers for your bathroom cabinets and drawers, and relocate everything neatly out of sight. This is also a great opportunity to purge old, unwanted, and almost empty items to free up some storage space. Keep only essentials like the hand soap dispenser out on display, and maybe add a pretty plant or some fresh flowers. This clean sweep will elevate your bathroom’s whole look and ambience.

Enjoy pampering yourself in your bougie bathroom and check out other blog posts from Olympus Las Colinas for more great decorating and lifestyle tips.