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Resident enjoying a loaded waffle cone at an ice cream parlor near Olympus Las Colinas in Irving, Texas



If you’re craving something new, different, or just plain delicious to eat or drink, try one of these three summer treats. They’re conveniently available close to Olympus Las Colinas, but be careful – you might find yourself going back for more, and more, and more. Yes, they’re that yummy!

No Way, Frosé

If you’ve never heard of frosé, you’re not alone. But it’s a thing. A very good thing. Tart, and refreshing, frosé is a bougie, boozy slushie for grown-ups. This deliciously uncomplicated pale pink beverage is a mixture of frozen rosé wine, lime, and simple syrup – and it might just be our new favorite frozen cocktail for summer. There are also numerous frosé variations that use lemon juice instead of lime, or add vodka for some extra kick. You can get it in the neighborhood at Cork & Pig Tavern, just a short stroll or two-minute drive around Lake Carolyn. You can also make frosé yourself at home, with this recipe from Bon Appétit.

Get the Scoop

Ice cream meets science experiment at Creamistry, which specializes in ice cream made to order right in front of you using liquid nitrogen, so it’s extra smooth and creamy. There are dozens of flavors and toppings, and the option of dairy, vegan, and fruit sorbet bases. It also has shakes and ice cream cakes on the menu. Our current top pick is the Brown Butter Salted Caramel ice cream, topped with cheesecake bites and Nutella sauce. You may want to hit our fitness center after eating this, but it’s so worth it! Creamistry opened its location off N. O’Connor Boulevard, right across from Cork & Pig Tavern, in May.

Keeping Things Cool

Refresh and recharge yourself on a hot day with frosty, delicious smoothie. It’s a meal, a drink, and dessert all in one! Whether you like sweet, tart, fruity, chocolatey, or vegetal flavors, there’s a combo that’s right for you, and it can be as healthy, or not, as you want. There are a zillion smoothie shops to choose from, but four super convenient options are located nearby off N. MacArthur Boulevard, around 3 miles from Olympus Las Colinas: Smoothie King, Nrgize Lifestyle Cafe, Vitality Bowls, and Jamba. Two of our all-time fave smoothies are the Pomegranate Paradise from Jamba and the NutriBlast with whey protein and spirulina from Nrgize.

Hope you enjoy these summer treats. For more fun food and lifestyle ideas, check out more of our blog posts.


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