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Couple cheering while playing with a PS5 gaming system



Available in both standard edition and a cheaper Digital Edition, the PlayStation 5 has been out for about a month now. Today, we’re taking a look at whether you should pick one up ASAP or wait it out for a better deal.

Why: It Is Truly Next-Gen Hardware

The PS5 is a powerhouse. Already, we are seeing significantly faster load times thanks to a console designed for game speed and performance. The PS5 is capable of 4K resolution display at up to a whopping 120 frames per second. Sony has confirmed the console will also support 8K output in a future software update.

Why Not: Few Truly Next-Gen Games

Sony has stated the full generational transition from PS4 to PS5 “will take about 3 years,” which means most titles in the foreseeable future will be cross-platform and will not be taking full advantage of the power behind the PS5. The PS5 does have some truly breathtaking launch exclusives – looking at you, Demon’s Souls – but it may be worth waiting it out a couple of years for a fuller library with even more genuine next-gen experiences, especially if you already have a PS4 Pro.

Why: The DualSense Controller

The new DualSense controller is a literal game changer. Featuring haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, PS5’s controller is like Nintendo’s Joy-Con HD Rumble on steroids (which makes sense, considering the team behind the haptic feedback was developed by the same team as HD Rumble). You can feel the difference while you’re playing, making for an all the more immersive gaming experience.

Why Not: It’s a Beefy Boy

Right. So, the PS5 looks like this. And it’s about this big. The look and size of the PS5 has been polarizing – some celebrate how unapologetically game console-y it is, while others bemoan just how much it stands out due to its large size and commitment to a particular aesthetic. Whatever the case, just make sure you have enough room in your entertainment center to make way for this bad boy. Let’s hope the inevitable PS5 slim remodel will offer gamers a more compact option.

Why: Backwards Compatibility

According to Sony, “more than 99% of PS4 games will be playable on PS5.” You can use PS4 discs on the standard PS5 edition or re-download digital versions of the game on either edition of the PS5. Some PS4 games are enhanced on the PS5 through its “boost” mode. However, do note some compatible PS4 games may exhibit errors on PS5. PlayStation VR is fully backwards compatible with PS5.

Why Not: It’s Hard to Find One

Seriously. Stock shortages have been a problem for Sony, which, as most gamers know, is pretty much to be expected during a modern console launch. If you haven’t already been able to nab one yourself, set yourself up stock alerts, and hope for the best!

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