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Multicolored ice cream popsicles in a star shape on a painted blue wood background.



Sunny days and stacked cones are in your future this season. Try out these three local shops before joining Olympus Las Colinas for our ice cream pop social on Saturday, June 26, from 1-3 PM.

Milwaukee Joe’s Artisan Ice Cream

Milwaukee Joes was created by Federal Agent Joe Libowsky in 1995. He retired from his job and made the move to the great country of Texas to bring us all great flavors to cool down the summer months. Make sure to try the Dr. Pepper flavor – we’re in Texas after all.

Let’s Roll Ice Cream

Tired of ice cream in scoops? The new craze in the creamed treat world is rolled ice cream. It’s just as tasty but more photogenic than regular ice cream. It also contains less sugar and air, so the finished product is more dense and healthy(er/ish?). So now you don’t have to feel as bad about frequenting your local Irving rollers spot, Let’s Roll. Stop by for a unique ice cream experience topped with delicious extras.


Nitro beer on tap? Great. Nitro brewed coffee? Iconic. Nitro ice cream? Life changing. Make a stop at Creamistry for liquid nitrogen ice cream that will change your world. They offer a variety of bases featuring classic dairy, vegan, and sorbet to accommodate dietary restrictions. Customize your scoops in a bowl or choose a nitro shake to take home.

Hungry for more? We’ll see you at the ice cream pop social on Saturday, June 26, from 1-3 PM! Check the Olympus Las Colinas blog for more events and cool ideas.