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Earth Day is April 22, making right now the perfect time to go green. There are so many small things you can do each day to help celebrate the Earth and better the world. Here are a few suggestions for ringing in this environmentally conscious holiday.

We want to see you put these ideas – or your own – to good use! Please send a photo, by the end of business on April 22, to the Olympus Las Colinas team showing how you are celebrating Earth Day. The best photo demonstrating environmental protection will win a $25 Starbucks gift card!


Find ways to reuse household items you would normally throw away. Save plastic bags to reuse in place of Ziploc bags, to hold snacks or trash when you’re on a picnic. Need somewhere to keep your saved plastic bags? Next time you run out of paper towels, keep the tube and stuff your bags inside for a much tidier storage method.


Bring new life to old things. Egg cartons could be the start of your next seedling garden. If you lost one shoe three camping trips ago and still have the other, use it as a flower planter. Fullery Nursery is a great place to pick up seedlings, plants, or flowers. Upcycling can bring an interesting new piece into your house as well as get more greenery indoors.

Break Up With Plastic

We mentioned it before, but Ziploc bags – as well as plastic cling wrap – lead to a lot of excess plastic use that ends up in the garbage. One fun DIY that can help solve this problem is to make beeswax cling wrap that you can use to keep food, without the waste. This recipe is pretty simple – all you need is beeswax, some cloth, and a baking sheet.

There are endless ways to infuse more environmentally friendly methods into your daily life. These are just a start. Share your ideas this Earth Day, April 22, when you send a photo to the team at Olympus Las Colinas. We’ll be selecting a winning photo demonstrating environmental protection to win a $25 Starbucks gift card!

For more fun and DIY ideas, check out the Olympus Las Colinas blog.


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