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Chalkboard sign that reads “Scavenger Hunt Starts Here” nailed to a tree.



Fall is coming! Keep an eye out for cooler weather, pumpkin-flavored everything, and our resident scavenger hunt on September 17.

Set New Goals

Most people set goals during the new year, and a lot of people forget their new goals very quickly as the year progresses. One strategy to achieve success with new habits and goals is to set seasonal ones! Sit down and think about what you’d like to accomplish this fall. These goals could be a to-do list of places you want to go, recipes you want to try, or habits you’re trying to master. A new season acts as a great marker for a new mindset. Because daylight, weather, and everything else are already changing, it makes it easier to change up your daily routine too.

Participate in the Autumn Scavenger Hunt

The Autumn Scavenger Hunt will be taking place around the east building of Olympus Las Colinas starting at noon on September 17. Take a selfie with the five hidden Red Delicious Apples and you could win a prize!

Go Apple Picking

While you can’t eat the apples in our Autumn Scavenger Hunt (it would ruin the game!), you can hunt down your own. Pick your own fruit at the Henrietta Creek Apple Orchard this fall. With fresh local produce, you could make a pie or recreate the scavenger hunt in your own home and play again.

However you decide to kick off fall, make sure to take a closer look around the east building on September 17 to join in the fun and win some prizes!

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