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A colorful wall of bulk candy in a candy store.



If you’re craving something sweet, head to Lolli & Pops in Frisco’s Stonebriar Centre mall. This store has a huge assortment of candy, chocolates, snacks, and even macarons. You can also shop online and they’ll ship to you or to friends or family in most U.S. states for a flat rate of $5.95.


The sheer variety of candy at Lolli & Pops is eye (and stomach) popping! Gummies, licorice, taffy, hard candies, jelly beans, sours – they have it all! They also stock some nostalgic favorites from your – or your parents’ – childhood, such as Goo Goo Clusters, Charleston Chews, Chuckles Bars, and original Cracker Jack. There’s even novelty candy with cocktail flavors like gin gimlet, Irish coffee, or pina colada. 


For a special treat or a memorable gift, how about a 12-pack of macarons? These delicate, rainbow-colored French cookie sandwiches that melt in your mouth are all the rage, and Lolli & Pops lets you customize your order with any combination of their 15 different flavors. Our faves are the strawberry cheesecake, chocolate hazelnut, and lemon cake. Mmmm. 


Had enough sugar yet? No? Then how about some cotton candy – there’s nine different flavors to choose from. Or perhaps some flavored marshmallows would do the trick. If you’d like a little salt to balance out all that sweetness, try the Chip & Pretzel Twist Caramel Corn or one of their several other caramel corn varieties. They also have an assortment of what they call “Crispy Cakes” (presumably to avoid a trademark infringement if the word “rice” is in the name). 


Every self respecting candy store has a selection of chocolates, and Lolli & Pops goes the extra mile in this department. There’s chocolate and toffee bark, a variety of premium Belgian chocolate bars, decadent truffles, and chocolate-covered cake dough bites, pretzels, nuts, caramels, and more. They even have fun hot cocoa bombs. 

Bring home your favorites from Lolli & Pops today, and keep your dentist on speed dial! For more great dining, shopping, and entertainment recommendations, check out the Olympus Boulevard blog.


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