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An adult hand is touching sheer curtains in front of a brightly lit window.



While your Olympus Boulevard apartment is as cozy as ever, there’s no doubt community living puts you in close proximity to other residents. If you’re looking to level up your privacy at home, check out these handy, renter-friendly tips.

Window Film

If you’re located on an inner pool-courtyard location or down on the ground floor, your windows offer a great view but can mean less privacy. Soft-focus window film is a solid option to let the natural light in, while protecting you from wandering eyes. It also helps control heat and offers UV protection. Depending on where your apartment is facing, place the film on the upper or lower half of your window. Doing this will still let you – and your pets – enjoy the view. It uses static cling, not adhesive, so application and removal is as renter-friendly as it gets.


Curtains are a no-brainer when it comes to privacy. Even though your Olympus Boulevard apartment home comes with built-in window coverings, sometimes you still want to let as much natural light in without foregoing your privacy. Say hello to sheer curtains! They help diffuse soft, natural lighting into your space and add a pretty, decorative touch.

Balcony or Patio Privacy

Keep things simple with a decorative privacy panel or two, and easily attach them with thin zip ties to along the open railing space (just ensure the height of the decor doesn’t extend above the railing). Always check in with the leasing team before purchasing to make sure your outdoor furniture and decor is in line with community (and city) regulations.

Room Dividers

If you happen to live in a studio apartment, one of the coolest ways to add more privacy to your space is to divide the bedroom nook from the living room. Try some of these awesome sliding panels with slim tracks that attach to the ceiling or go for a super renter-friendly and trendy room divider panel.

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