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Industrial-style bookshelf with books, a house diorama, and plants on the shelves.



Your bookshelves tell a story. They’re full of your favorite worlds, lessons, and memories. With a bit of shelf decorating, plain storage space can turn into the cornerstone of your room decor. One fun way to liven up your shelves is a new Pinterest trend, the book nook. How can you DIY your own unique diorama to pizzazz your room? Here’s the beat.

What is a book nook?

A book nook is a small diorama that is the size and shape of a book and fits on the shelf, acting as a small easter egg among your book collection. Some feature miniature book stores or cafes, fairy gardens, scenes or quotes from favorite books, and more. You can look at a few ideas from a recent Buzzfeed article on this DIY trend to get a good idea. 

How to Make Your Own

Making your own book nook is pretty simple, it all starts with the walls. You can use particleboard, cardboard, hardback books, or any flat, sturdy material to create the base of your shelf insert. If you’re feeling super lazy, you can purchase a kit on Etsy that comes with everything pre-cut and includes LED lights. 

After you have your outer walls, it’s just about decorating it. Use craft foam, plants, moss, or miniature furniture. Go wild!

Find Your Inspiration

A book nook is essentially a portal to another world, much like a good book can be! What world are you going to create in your shelf insert? Peruse Pinterest for ideas, if you’re having trouble coming up with something. One great idea is to make more than one! Have a few that you can swap out, or make seasonally themed ones for a bit of added fun – no reason to stop when you’re having a good time.

Looking for more ideas to try out? Get inspired at the Olympus Boulevard blog.


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