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woman training in boxing gloves at gym | kickboxing in Frisco

Head to These Gyms Offering Kickboxing in Frisco

For a workout that is as fun as it is challenging, try kickboxing. You'll learn self-defense skills as you tone your entire body. Check out the following studios for the best places for kickboxing classes near our apartments in Frisco.

Warrior Martial Arts

The instructors at Warrior Martial Arts boast you'll "put the punch back in your workout" with their kickboxing classes. They use the fundamentals of Muay Thai to create a workout that keeps everyone moving. You'll burn up to 1,000 calories per session. Some benefits might include better sleep, increased confidence, and greater happiness. No experience is necessary to join in on the fun.


Step into KickHouse where you'll sweat and laugh as you enjoy a challenging high-intensity workout. The fast-paced sessions feature kicking, striking, and different types of punching. They will take your fitness routine to the next level and can help you burn more than 700 calories with every class. Try PowerKick. It is perfect for those "looking to shred fat while learning the Muay Thai form." The rounds center on pacing and power output, and all levels are welcome. Other classes include KickStart, ClassicKick, and RecoveryKick.


Featured on Today and CBS News, iLoveKickboxing uses the same exercises utilized by professional kickboxers. The moves will help you stay lean and toned. Every class starts with conditioning and stretching. Once warmed up, you will learn combinations of kicks and punches as you enjoy bag work fun. The instructors offer a laid-back setting. They invite all athletic abilities and recommend attending two to three sessions every week for the best results.

If you prefer to lace up your running shoes instead of kickboxing, join a running club around Frisco. To enjoy our space and become a resident of Olympus Boulevard, please contact us. We will gladly show you the amenities and floor plans our apartments in Frisco have to offer.


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