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A sculpture of colorful glass bottles on display at an outdoor park | public art in Frisco

Check Out The Spots for Public Art in Frisco

If you are looking for something different to do, check out the public art in Frisco. Local and national artists created the pieces to enhance parks, street corners, and other public places around town. Here are some of the works you will discover near our Frisco apartments:

Fetching Water

Created by artist Janice Hart, Fetching Water celebrates the early women settlers who helped establish Frisco. They pumped water from wells by hand, and this unique work freezes a moment of their daily chores. The statue boasts an authentic cast iron well pump and is found in front of the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center.

Prairie Bells

Generations ago, blackland prairies covered thousands of square miles from the Red River through Frisco and as far south as San Antonio. Prairie Bells is a unique piece honoring the rich soil and tall grasses. Each diamond shape reflects Frisco's first 100 years and its bright future. The tower was designed by Bill and Mary Buchen and has stood since 2010.

Ghost Train and Mule in the Sky

Found outside of the Heritage Center, Ghost Train and Mule in the Sky is an interesting piece featuring two steel structures that lean toward each other. They're designed to imply movement of the train and mule on top. Look closely at the bottom of the truss forms to see a wagon wheel and cornstalks blended into the panels.

Morning Star Armadillo

Artist David Iles is famous for crafting bronze statues of Texas wildlife. His nine-banded armadillo stands on a flagstone and is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

After discovering these unique public works of art, sample some African cuisine at a nearby restaurant in Frisco. To call Olympus Boulevard home, please contact us. Our team will gladly show you what our apartments in Frisco have to offer.


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