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Beautiful sunrise view at Lake Lewisville near Olympus Boulevard



Noted as one of the largest lakes in north Texas, Lake Lewisville spans 29,000 acres and has 233 miles of shoreline. With hot weather trailing behind us as we quickly approach the winter season, there are still plenty of awesome ways to spend time by the water – Here is our list of the five most-fun activities you can do by the lakeside this fall.

Catching the Sunrise

Getting up before the break of dawn and brisking the cold morning is 100% worth seeing the sunrise at Lake Lewisville. Bring a warm sweatshirt, a cozy blanket to sit on, and a thermos of your favorite breakfast brew and watch the sun peak over the horizon.


Okay, we know this one is a given! Camping at Lake Lewisville is seriously pretty awesome. Outfitted with campground restrooms and flat terrain, the campsites around the lake make spending a weekend away in nature as simple as packing up your gear.


With over 6 miles worth of pathways, trek your way through the Cottonwood Trail. Listen to the birds and the chirping crickets and frogs as you meander through grassy fields, wetlands, and dense woodlands.


On the southwest side of the lake, you’ll find the Lewisville Fishing Barge where you can throw out a line and relax while you wait for the perfect catch – Just make sure to bring the bug spray!


Head to Pilot Knoll Park and rent a stand up paddleboard from Bluet SUP. Just $25 for an hour rental or $40 for 2 hours, you can paddle on the lake without having to immerse your entire body into the cold water (just your feet). Once you’re on the board, it’s smooth sailing -or should we say paddling- from there!

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