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Now more than ever, it’s safe to say we all appreciate some quality company, time spent outdoors, and good health. Achieve all of your life goals with your best furry friend by your side and you’ll wonder how you got through life without a pet. If you’re thinking of adding to the bunch, or adopting your first pet, consider a local animal shelter before looking elsewhere. Here are four reasons why a shelter pet is your best bet.

You’re Saving More Than One Life

When choosing to adopt from a shelter, not only are you saving the life of that sweet pet that you’re taking home, but you’re also freeing up another much-needed spot at the shelter for another pet that needs a temporary home. Shelters are typically maxed out, so by freeing up one space, there’s room for another life until they’ve met their forever people.

Second Chances Are Well-Deserved

Shelter pets need and deserve extra love, and by giving them a second chance at living their best life with you, they will thrive and live a happy life. Maybe they came from a background that didn’t allow them to be their best pet self. Once you adopt that cutie, let them shine in all their glory.

Life Will Never Be Boring

Bringing home a rescue pup means many good things are coming your way – more outdoor time, more social interactions with other dog lovers, more active exercise, and most of all, a companion that will love you unconditionally! Adopting a pet will bring you great joy day in and day out.

Maintain Health & Happiness

Adopting a pet is more than just bringing a cute four-legged animal home. A rescue pet is always there for you, no matter the storms you are weathering. If you are ever in need, take some time to de-stress with your pet and know that they will love you always.

It’s Decided … Where Can You Adopt in Frisco?

Luckily for us, we’re blessed to have a few of the best animal shelters nearby our community at Olympus Boulevard. The Little Elm Animal Shelter has a small selection of lovable pets, and the larger Humane Society of Dallas County has been making a home for abandoned animals for over 40 years. Don’t waste another minute without your paw-ty pal. Schedule your adoption appointment today.

Life is better with pets, and remember, “Rescued is the best breed.”


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