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Scary ghost people reached out through a sheer sheet at a haunted house near Olympus Boulevard



It’s that time of year when people love to give themselves a good scare. Get your pulse pounding with these local frights this Halloween season.

The Parker House

This historic mortuary is rumored to have closed down because of the nefarious deeds of the original owners’ daughter, Mary Parker. According to urban legend, she began selling the organs of the deceased on the black market in order to compete with larger funeral homes in the area. And when business dried up even more, she allegedly took things a grisly step further … Today, the home is said to have been restored to its original glory – horrors and all. Do you dare see it yourself?

Haunted Shadows Lake Trail

Known by locals as Texas’ version of “The Blair Witch Project,” this spooky tour will take you deep into the woods, requiring you to follow a twisting trail through the dark. Along the way, you’ll likely encounter all kinds of scary creatures … from werewolves to the ghosts of the troubled youth who used to work on the nearby farm.

Gateway Ghost Tours

Nearby Lewistown has a reputation for its paranormal activity. Psychic Cindy Ross and paranormal investigator Vale Morehouse lead this spooky and educational tour. Not only will you learn about the history of the area, but you’ll get a lesson in the paranormal as well. Think of it as a modern-day Ghostbusters class.

Dark Hour Haunted House

This haunted house is famous for its incredible quality – they truly go all out. No cheesy sets or mediocre costumes for the actors. Visitors call it the best haunted house in the region. It has even been featured in USA Today and BuzzFeed. For the current season, there will be some changes in its operations due to current events, but it’s still worth a visit!

If you check out any of these locations, make sure to take a friend or two with you, just in case… For more tips on having a celebrating the holidays in style visit the Olympus Boulevard blog.


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