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Woman in athletic wear doing workouts in her living room from her computer



While it’s tough to see a light at the end of the tunnel with getting back to our daily gym routines and studio fitness classes due to the 2020 C-word, we can, however, ramp up our home to make it as fitness-friendly as possible! We’re sharing our fave apartment workout hacks for your Olympus home.

Fitness Gadgets

Incorporate some high-tech or trendy fitness accessories into your space. From sit-up assistant devices and ab roller wheels, to balance discs and smart jump ropes – the fitness gadget possibilities are endless!

Create a Corner

Having a dedicated space for your exercise routine is essential when it comes to home workouts. Forget rearranging your furniture every time you need to get in a sweat session and make yourself a fitness-focused corner! Head to Pinterest for fitness storage space ideas.

Be Mindful of Neighbors

If you live on the ground floor, this one is easy-peasy– but for all those who live above someone, this goes out to you! While we all know a solid workout includes heart-pumping cardio and loud music, there are countless ways to get in a killer cardio session sans the jumping around while blasting music above your downstairs neighbor’s ceiling. Gear towards wearing your headphones and doing low impact cardio sessions.

Same Time, Same Place

Nothing says sticking to your workouts quite like a same time, same place routine! Whether it’s Monday through Friday 7am yoga, or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday strength training, sticking to a schedule is your best bet at not missing out on sweat sessions.

In addition to your fitness corner and fun gadgets, try putting up little reminders throughout your space as subtle “hey, don’t forget the date you have with yourself tomorrow morning”. Throw a couple of post-it notes around your place to psych yourself up, or put up your workout set on a letter board. Try a whiteboard planner on your fridge and book out those fitness dates!

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