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Basketball jerseys



The NBA’s jersey game is strong. Real strong. But not all designs hit the mark. We clicked through every corner of the NBA Store to find the worst jerseys the 2020-21 season has to offer. As a bonus, we even threw in a few of our favorites!

Boston Celtics, City Edition

Have Microsoft Word on your computer? Congratulations! You could have designed these boring Celtics City Edition jerseys!

Milwaukee Bucks, Hunter Green Select Series

Better suited for hunting blind than an NBA court, we sure hope the Bucks never actually wore these eyesores during a game.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Meh is about the best we can come up with to describe these uninspiring threads.

L.A. Clippers, City Edition

Honestly, we’re not sure whether we love or hate these.

Golden State Warriors, City Edition

These Warriors’ City Edition throwback threads are a nod to a not so golden era of Golden State hoops. Before they were a dynasty, the Warriors were, um, not good, missing the playoffs 17 out of 18 seasons from 1994-95 to 2011-12.

And, Just for Fun, 3 We Love

Phoenix Suns, City Edition

The warm color palette. The artsy pixelation. The nod to the Valley of the Sun’s iconic imagery. This jersey is an indisputable masterpiece.

Miami Heat, City Edition

Take a bow, Miami. These jerseys may look like the love child of two highlighters, but they work. They work oh so well.

Denver Nuggets, City Edition

Denver’s skyline + Rocky Mountains + warm colors = perfection. Check out this awesome alternate jersey!

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