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A young man opening his bedroom curtains in the morning.



With all the recent time spent hunkered down at home, why not freshen up your apartment in time for the changing season? Here are four tips and tricks to get you started!

1. Let the Light in

While curtains or blinds are great for adding privacy, they can significantly reduce the level of light inside your space. Swap out heavy, bold-colored curtains with some sheer linen ones, like these. First thing in the morning, be sure to open up your blinds and draw back your curtains to let the natural light shine into your apartment.

Another tip to bring in more light throughout your space is by adding in mirrors close to natural light sources. Try putting up a small framed mirror on the wall or place a large, standing one in the living or bedroom area by the windows.

2. Declutter

Sit back, close your eyes, and picture a calming, relaxing home environment – we bet that visual doesn’t include emptied shipping boxes sitting on the floor, scattered mail on the kitchen counter, and unorganized odd and ends drifting about. Nothing makes a home feel heavier than cluttered surfaces. Dedicate some time to get organized, put items away in their rightful place, and take care of messy surfaces.

3. Add Fresh Greenery

Living with nature not only has mental health benefits, but it helps to purify the air you breathe inside your home. Add in a few living plants in each room to quickly beautify your environment.

4. Use a Diffuser & Candles

What’s that smell? Is it the 3-day old leftovers sitting at the bottom of the garbage can? Or maybe it’s the dog bed that hasn’t been washed in a few weeks. Besides routinely cleaning and taking out the trash, lighting a candle or turning on an essential oil diffuser is a quick way to add pleasant smells into your home.

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