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Women picking leaves from her basil plant in her home at The Davis located in Fort Worth, Texas

Create Your own Herb Garden


In these unprecedented times, many of us have found solace from the stresses of the outside world by trying new hobbies and discovering new interests. Maybe you’ve thought about flexing your green thumb. Or perhaps you’ve thought about developing your culinary skills. With an in-home herb garden you can do both.

Now, whatever kind of food you’re preparing, sooner or later you’ll have to add a certain herb or spice. When that happens most of us just reach over to our trusty spice rack or just head to the grocery store. But with a little bit of patience and the right equipment, you can cultivate and harvest many herbs and even small vegetables without a lot of maintenance and grow space.


Hydroponic growing kits are affordable and come in a range of sizes so you can find the one that’s right for you and the amount of space you want your little garden to occupy. Many kits also come with easy to follow instructions and in many cases, several seeds for you to start out with.

Forget the Soil

Now, some of you are probably worried you’ll forget to water your garden or it won’t get enough light. That’s another great thing about hydroponic growing. With hydroponics there is zero soil involved. The roots just have to stay moist and in most cases the amount of water you give the seeds when you set up the kit will be enough water to take the plant all the way to maturity.

The Perfect Lighting

As far as light is concerned, these garden kits have you covered there as well. The kits come with light systems that have built-in timers so they shut on and off without you even having to check on it!

And there you go – everything you need to know to start your own herb garden at home. For more hobby ideas be sure to check out The Davis blog.