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Adorable puppy at The Davis in Fort Worth, Texas



Don’t let your dog or cat blend in with the crowd. Boring bone or paw tags are so bleh. The Davis team has been hard at work, scouring every corner of the internet for the best products out there. Help your furry friend stand out with our favorite selection of bold and unique custom pet tags.

Forest Pet Tag

Have an outdoors-loving pup or kitty? Then this tag’s minty forestscape backdrop is sure to resonate with both you and your little buddy!

Crying Drake

Looking for something unique? Here’s one for you – the crying Drake pet tag. You surely won’t find many other dogs or cats out there with the notoriously sensitive rapper/Toronto Raptors superfan hanging on their collars.

Stainless-Steel Squirrel

Chances are your dog’s fascination with squirrels knows no bounds. Celebrate it with this stainless-steel squirrel tag!

Leather Tags

Mesa Dreams’ custom leather tags are highly detailed works of art. They’re hand-carved, built to last, and will elevate your dog or cat’s accessory game.

Road ID Tag

Not a fan of jingling collar tags? This Road ID tag slides right onto your dog’s collar and makes no noise – and its stainless-steel styling looks pretty sharp, too.

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