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Tall scary figure standing in a doorway at a haunted house near The Davis



Get ready for the biggest thrills and longest walk-through haunted house you’ve ever experienced at Fort Worth’s one and only Cutting Edge Haunted House. The Guinness World Records holder for “The World’s Largest Haunted House,” this local attraction was built in a 100-year-old abandoned meatpacking plant, in a section of Fort Worth once referred to as “Hell’s Half Acre.” The premise for the haunted house? A two-story human processing plant that’s taken over the former meatpacking plant. Ready to get spooked? Here’s a quick look at four terrors we hope to experience at Cutting Edge Haunted House.

Interactive Fun & Scares

By far, one of the things that makes Cutting Edge so good is just how believable it all is. The employees are incredibly good at their job. Don’t expect many screams here. No, that would be too typical. But someone getting in your personal space for a moment and quietly walking away, and reappearing again? That just might happen at Cutting Edge.

The Room of Bubbles

The bubble tunnel. It is exactly as it sounds, but even more terrifying. This attraction really is an “enter at your own risk” deal. Make your way through a sea of bubbles so thick you can barely breathe, let alone see. You have been warned – seriously warned.

Musical Talent & Actors

One of our favorite experiences at Cutting Edge is the musical talent throughout. It is simply amazing, and the performers are very skilled at what they do. The high-energy actors are so good, in fact, you might really feel what is happening down to your core. You’ll find some break points throughout, accompanied by live music. A little scary entertainment has never been so good.

A Historic Meatpacking Tour

A trip to Cutting Edge would not be complete without taking in the plant’s spooky history. Formerly an abandoned meatpacking plant, the haunted house’s creepy premise is a twist on this backstory. But this time, humans are the product. The meatpacking equipment is still in use, but it’s now a human processing area with mannequins brought up to the second story and back down to the first on a conveyor belt. Carve out 55 minutes of your time to enjoy this one-of-a-kind thrill. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Reserve your time now.

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