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Pair of jeans about to made into cutoffs in a resident home at The Davis in Fort Worth, Texas

3 Secrets to Making the Coolest Pair of Cutoffs


Hello, shorts season! With the Texas heat upon us, it’s time to create the coolest pair of cutoff jeans. Your first mission? Sift through your closet to find the perfect jeans for the job. If you’re not feeling any, try shopping at a thrift store for a hidden gem. Alright, now that we have the right ones, it’s time to get to work. Here are three of our best-kept secrets for making an awesome pair of cutoffs.

1) The Inseam Is Key

We know, it’s tempting to take your scissors right to the denim and get to it. But first things first, think long and hard about the style you’re going for. Is it a looser look? Go for a longer inseam that leaves room for cuffing. Daisy Dukes? Try a 3-inch inseam. Grab a piece of chalk, measure, and then it’s time to get to cutting. Our biggest hint here is to always start out with a longer measurement.

2) Denim in Distress

A great pair of cutoffs always give off that lived-in, vintage vibe. So let’s talk distressing. Take that same piece of chalk you used to measure the inseam and plan out sections of the shorts where you want some extra flair. We recommend farther away from the midline. Grab a box cutter and, starting small, cut a few lines in the planned area. Then grab your tweezers from the bathroom and pull at the threads to get that rugged, frayed look.

3) But What About Bleach?

If you’re looking to take it up a level with your cutoff, a bleached design is the perfect way to go. We recommend wearing clothes you wouldn’t mind ruining, some cleaning gloves, and setting up shop in the bathtub for this one. There are a million different ways to go about this, so do a little research on Pinterest. A few styles for inspiration include the half-and-half dipped jean, the splattered look, or ombre. Don’t forget to give them a good wash once you’re done and, voila, you’re runway ready.

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