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Hands holding gummy bears at The Davis in Fort Worth, Texas



World Market has a wide selection of international snacks, and it’s tough to pick the definitive best. We’ve narrowed it down to a few selections you should try – or perhaps pick up again if you are in need of treating yourself to something special to satiate that sweet tooth!

Walkers Chocolate Chip Shortbread Scottie Dogs

Scottish manufacturer Walkers Shortbread makes some of the best biscuits, cookies, crackers, and, you guessed it, shortbread around. But these buttery shortbread chocolate chip cookies get bonus points for being shaped like Scottish terriers. They’re almost too adorable to eat! Almost ...

World Market Rolled Wafers

World Market also has its own brand of foods available. These delicious, flaky rolled wafers made in Greece are exquisite, and come in an array of flavors such as Creamy Hazelnut and Chocolate Orange. Just be sure to hide them from habitual snackers. As one reviewer put it, “They're so good, my hubby ate the whole can.” Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to hide these from yourself, but hey. Someone’s got to enjoy them!


No one does candy quite like Japan. Everyone knows about Pocky, but Puchao is another super tasty sweet you’ve got to try if you love gummies. By far the most interesting flavors are the lemon and lime Ramune soda and sweet cola flavors. Strange at first, yet impossible to put down after, there’s something special about combining gummy goodness with the particular sweetness of lime soda and cola. Best of all, they come in a combo pack!

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