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Hiker with trekking sticks on trail.



Need some fresh air? We’ve put together a quick list of the best hiking trails near The Davis.

Eagle Mountain Lake Park Trail

Offering 7 miles of beautiful, varied terrain, this loop trail is the best in the area. We love the scenic lake views, elevation gains, and peaceful deer in Eagle Mountain Lake Park Trail. While the trail can get pretty crowded at times, if you get there early, you should be just fine.

Difficulty: Moderate

Marine Creek Lake Trail

Looking for something less challenging? Marine Creek Lake’s paved paths provide a smooth hike for travelers of all skill levels. Take a peaceful stroll around the lake and enjoy the scenery, switching back and forth between tree-lined paths and open views. You can take your pooch with you too – just be sure Fido stays on a leash at all times. There’s also a disc golf course nearby. Bonus!

Difficulty: Easy

The Dam Drop Loop

Bring a camera for this one, and maybe a trekking pole! Featuring spectacular views and great elevation, this bird lover’s loop will work up a sweat, but it’s all worth it for that waterfall. Be sure to dress appropriately – a hike near the dam will most likely get you wet. Located in Marion Sansom Park, the Dam Drop Loop is a must-visit.

Difficulty: Moderate

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