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A small dog that is smiling



At The Davis, we’re suckers for a good pet commercial. With that in mind, here are 11 hilariously awesome TV ads starring pets.

The One Thing Every Dog Loves

What’s the one thing every dog loves? That’s right – other dogs’ rear ends! BarkBox, a subscription treat and toy service, nails it with this simple yet hilarious spot.

Cats … With Thumbs?

Ever wonder what cats might be capable of if evolution gifted them with opposable thumbs? This glorious Cravendale milk commercial dares to imagine such a future – and it’s terrifying.

Wiener Dog Stampede

Dachshunds in hot dog costumes slo-mo running through open fields? Perfection.

Walter the Doggish Cat

A cat who does dog things? Yes, please! Meet Walter the cat, who stole hearts and imaginations with his starring role in this hilarious Chevrolet commercial. Walter chases fellow cats up a tree, plays fetch with a tennis ball, serves as a trusty hunting partner, retrieves sticks out of a lake, herds cattle, and, of course, rides shotgun in a Chevy Silverado. Make sure to watch to the end for the closing punchline.

Imagining Exotic Animals as Pets

This Pedigree Adoption Drive Super Bowl commercial from 2009 portrays the potential pitfalls of keeping exotic animals, setting the stage for the ad’s closing suggestion: “Maybe you should get a dog.”

Like Herding Cats

This EDS ad hilariously brings to life the timeless idiom “It’s like herding cats.”

Kia’s Red Carpet Hamsters

Remember those adorable Kia hamsters? Of course you do. Relive this classic set to Lady GaGa’s Applause, in which the furry trio transform themselves into svelte, red-carpet-ready rodents in a Rocky-like montage.

Saved By His Best Buds

OK, so this one elicits more tears than laughs, but we just couldn't leave it off the list. Chances are you’ve seen this 2015 Budweiser classic in which the brand’s iconic clan of Clydesdales save their farm’s lost Lab puppy from a menacing wolf.

Those Adorable Subaru Dogs

Nobody does dog-doing-people-stuff commercials quite like Subaru. Check out some of their very best ones here.

Wego the Bud Light Wonder Dog

Remember Wego, the adorable Bud Light-fetching wonder dog? Yeah you do.

Long Live the Sock Puppet, which fell prey to the bubble’s early-2000s burst, is no longer a thing. But its amazing sock puppet-starring commercials will forever live on.

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