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A  man holding his dog in matching blue hoodies outdoors.



Our pets are more than just animals, they’re our family members. We make sure they get the best food possible, we take them with us on vacations, and we even dress up with them. If you want to do a little twinning with your furry friend, check out these fun sartorial options.

Bundle Up Together

Check out Target’s absolutely adorable and super snuggly matching Sherpa jackets. They’re fluffy, cuddly, and cozy and a perfect match with the doggie version – even down to the functional and fashionable oversized pocket (which happens to be great for storing treats). The pet jacket has a slit in the back so you can easily attach a leash or harness without issues. And best of all, these are super affordable.

Get Casual Together

How about matching hoodies? These adorable dark gray hoodies feature the cutest matching artwork: I love my dog and I love my human slogans. It’s an adorable way to show off your bond.

Accessorize Together

How does your pet feel about a kerchief – one that matches its beloved owner? You can pick up matching kerchiefs at MeUndies and choose from a variety of styles, including Rolling Stones fanwear, holiday themes, and even astrological signs (which is extra fun if you know your pet’s zodiac sign!). If you don’t want to be too closely matched, pick up a kerchief for your pet and coordinate with a necktie or scarf in matching colors, or matching patterns.

Chill Together

Spend a lazy afternoon chilling with your fur baby in matching Hawaiian shirts. Mix up a margarita for you and a bowl of “wine” from Pet Winery – a fun flavored water treat for your dog or cat. Then kick back on your balcony or patio, listen to some relaxing tunes, and get in some good bonding time while you both de-stress.

Get Formal Together

Going someplace special? Need to be dressed to the nines – both you and your pup? How about a classy tuxedo for your furry friend? Or match your dress with a mini version, by getting a similar style or color. Either way, you’ll both look ready to hit the town.

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