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A young woman in workout clothes stretches her back on a foam roller at the gym.



Whether you’re a hardcore fitness fiend or just getting started on your fitness journey, these four fitness hacks from Olympus 7th Street Station will help keep your 2021 workout goals on track. 

Pump Up Your Playlist

Studies have shown that listening to music can improve your stamina and performance during a workout. Motivational lyrics and faster-paced music that’s synced with your exercise can inspire you to exercise longer or work harder, without feeling more tired. So put together a workout playlist of favorite, upbeat tunes that will get you in the zone and keep you there. If you’re struggling to come up with songs, Spotify and Shape magazine have some great suggestions. 

Mix Things Up

Boredom is public enemy number one when it comes to fitness. If you keep repeating the same workouts or classes day after day, you’ll lose motivation and interest. So mix it up to help keep your excitement and enthusiasm levels up and ensure you keep showing up for your workouts. In addition, repeating the same exercises over and over will decrease their effectiveness over time. So incorporate new equipment, exercises, or classes into your routine on a regular basis. 

Hold Meetings on the Move

Even if your hectic work schedule makes it difficult to fit in time for workouts, you can make your workday more active. Schedule an active work meeting instead of just sitting in a conference room or at your desk on a Zoom call. Instead, have meetings while walking around the building, around the block, or through a nearby park.

Fuel Up

If your workout is more than 30 minutes long, make sure you’ve got the energy to give it your all. Eat a healthy snack like some fruit, a protein-packed smoothie, or an energy bar one to two hours before you exercise, rather than working out on an empty stomach. But be careful not to eat a big meal too close to your workout (within two to three hours), as this can make you feel uncomfortable, or lead to reflux or nausea. And don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Have fun working toward your fitness goals, and take a look at our blog for more great lifestyle tips. 


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