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Several pink objects including an inflatable swan, beach ball, life preserver, flip flops and sunglasses on a beach with palm trees and the ocean in the background.



Few sensations epitomize the warm season quite like bare skin stuck to hot vinyl on a blistering summer’s day. And with inflatable furniture making a comeback, that fond memory can be your new every-moment reality, every single day! Pack your apartment with the stuff, fill your campground, and add rubbery bounce to your next beach trip. These four pieces of inflatable furniture will take your next vacation to the next level.

INTEX Beanless Bag Chair

The classic bean bag chair was an icon of ‘70s counterculture, a resting place of hippie hindquarters as users explored the groovy sounds emanating from spinning black vinyl discs. The INTEX version mimics the original’s most important features – it’s a small blob you can sit on. And by replacing beans with air, you do away with the strange sounds of shifting, settling styrofoam, making it easier to hear every nuance of Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica.


Ever had an Italian Beef Sandwich? It’s basically a long French roll split down the side and stuffed with meat and pickled vegetables, to the point that everything is spilling out and it has to be served sideways. This is the human equivalent of that, where you are the beef and pickled vegetables. Or some vegetarian substitute, if you prefer. (This sandwich is served “wet,” which is where the analogy ends.) Be sure to watch the video! You don’t even need a pump for this marvel of lounging technology.

Beach7 AirLounge XL

Why settle for something simple when there’s an option out there that costs $7,000 and is the size of a swimming pool? This C-shaped swingers scene seats 30 and includes a matching inner coffee table/bench seat, so you can set down your drink or sit across from your buddy. The pump is included, and the whole thing inflates in just 10 minutes.

INTEX Inflatable Pull-Out Sofa

You can finally have it all! Lounge on the beach with your friends and friendly beach birds, and then, when the bonfire finally dies down, hit the hay right then and there. You can brush your teeth in the ocean or something. (Note: Don’t brush your teeth in the ocean. And don’t get this thing too close to that fire.) Good times.

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