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Small hummingbird flying and static suspended on a blurred background.



No matter the size of your deck or patio, there’s always room for hummingbirds! It’s easier than you might think to safely attract these beautiful bird species. Learn how to invite these joyful, tiny feathered friends in your very own outdoor space, and you’ll delight in their fast darts and humming sound from their wings beating so fast, in no time.

Invest in a Hummingbird Feeder

There are a ton of different hummingbird feeders to choose from. Find one that fits in well with your outdoor decor style. This hobnail-style vintage feeder will never go out of style, and not to mention it’s pretty to look at while hanging outside of your window or door. Make sure your feeder features a wide-mouth opening for easy cleaning and filling, with enough room to keep your hungry hummingbird friends fed throughout the day. Tip: It’s important to regularly clean your hummingbird feeder — nine parts warm water to one part bleach once a week should do the trick. This will ward off any mold or salmonella and keep your birds coming back for fresh sugar water daily.

Provide The Best Nutrition

Hummingbirds love sweet formulas and eat nectar and sugar water all season long. You may choose to add in additional hydration with products like Electronectar. For your at-home concoction, simply mix one part sugar to four parts water (so, one cup of sugar, four cups of water) and bring to a slow boil. Let it cool. And remember, never add a red dye to the sugar water, as it will harm the birds.

Add Potted Native Plants

In addition to your hummingbird feeder, add in a few potted native plants like honeysuckle, or another bright tubular plant that will allow for the birds to seek more nectar, and naturally bring them into your outdoor space. Hummingbirds have no sense of smell, but they do have good color vision. Some birds prefer a red or orange flower, so keep that in mind when selecting plants.

Provide Water & a Cool Spot

Hummingbirds need a cool place to perch in between darting back and forth between plants. Consider adding a small bush in the shade for them to rest on. And they also love a good dip in the water from time to time, so a bird bath or water mister will be their best friend.

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