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Breathe a big sigh of relief – spring is here! It’s time to crawl out of the blanket nest you’ve made on the couch, shake off those winter mindsets, and break out of your rut. Here are four great self-care ideas to help get you out of your winter rut.

Outdoor Meditation

Try meditating outside this spring. Let the boost of vitamin D and the calming practice of meditation revitalize your brain and calm your nervous system. According to research, Vitamin D regulates mood and reduces symptoms of depression, while meditation helps you manage stress and promotes your physical and emotional well-being. Combine the two for maximum results this spring!

Treat Yourself

Go easy on yourself this spring. Plan a day to treat yourself – whether that’s to some Easter candy, a decadent meal, or that second cookie. Take yourself on a date to a new restaurant – or revisit an old favorite.  There’s no point in being hard on yourself for not being productive enough, following your diet perfectly, or losing sight of your fitness goals. Give yourself a break and try again. 

Find a New Scent

A great way to shed the winter blues is to change up your home. People do this by spring cleaning, decorating, or by bringing new plants into the house. Another great way to change up a space is by finding a new signature scent. Find a fabric spray, fragrance oil, or candle that really inspires feelings of spring. 

Change Up Your Skincare Routine

Skincare is a great way to indulge in self-care. During the winter we load our faces with heavy moisturizers and ditch the spf. Swap out some of your products with brighteners and skin protection products so that both your skin and your mind are prepared for the new season. 
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