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Resident relaxing on the couch in her new home at Olympus 7th Street Station in Fort Worth, Texas

5 Pieces of Furniture for Maximizing Your Space


Who couldn’t use just a little more space in their home? It’s easy to get bogged down in belongings, especially after the holidays or one of those fantasy shopping sprees everyone’s always going on. Or maybe there was just a really great sale you couldn’t pass up! Whatever the reason, this handy guide will help maximize your living space and make more room for even more stuff.

Ottomans That Do Double Time

A variety of ottomans are available out there with storage space inside. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Pack your footstool full of off-season wear like winter quilts and sweaters, or store away those old textbooks you just can’t part with.

Bookseat – It’s Just What it Sounds Like

This unique sitter combines chair and bookshelf for the ultimate in practicality. It’s not always beautiful to look at, but there’s beauty in the bookseat's simplicity and function.

Get a Lift-Top Coffee Table

These cool coffee tables have a spring-loaded top panel that can be moved upward into a platform resembling a TV tray, giving you space to work or eat without the need for a traditional desk or dining table. Lift-top coffee tables are ideal for people who live alone or love to eat or work in front of the TV.

Sleep in a Murphy Bed

Consider opting for a bed that folds into a cabinet against the wall like this iconic sleeper does. Some Murphy beds even incorporate a desk that folds away and disappears when it’s time to sleep.

Two Words: Stackable Chairs

With all the open space provided by your disappearing bed, you need somewhere for visitors to sit when the bed’s tucked away. Stacking chairs offer a comfortable seat but can easily be tucked away when it’s time for lights out.

We hope this guide helps you make the most of your space. For more handy tips and life hacks, visit the Olympus 7th Street Station blog.


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