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Cat sitting behind a green bowl of food



If you’re anything like us, your cat eats better than you do (we’re kidding, sort of). And who doesn’t love the idea of nutritious cat food delivered right to your Olympus 7th Street Station apartment community? If you check both boxes, then you and your kitty are sure to appreciate this list of five fantastic cat food subscriptions.

Nom Nom

This highly rated subscription service offers weekly shipments of chef-quality fare made with carefully sourced ingredients. Honestly, it’s a little tough to distinguish Nom Nom’s pre-portioned meals from human food. That has to be a good thing! They’ll even tailor your shipments specifically to your cat’s traits, preferences, and health needs.

Savage Cat Food

Unleash your cat’s inner beast with Savage. We’d buy it for the killer logo and branding alone! Savage’s shipments feature “raw, prey-based food” – stuff like rabbit, duck, and chicken. And by rabbit, duck, and chicken, we mean almost every bit of ‘em – hearts, livers, and other organs all mashed up with more natural ingredients into nutritious food packets.

Cat Person

“Simple, straightforward, and honest” is Cat Person’s approach to subscription food selection. Expect protein-packed, grain-free, and low-carb meals with simple, transparent names like Salmon & Tuna Recipe or Chicken & Turkey Recipe.


Smalls delivers highly customized meals that are rich in nutrition, protein, and flavor. A sampling of the ingredients you can expect with a Smalls subscription includes fresh fish, bird, and cow. All meals are considered to be human-grade – though we don’t suggest sneaking a bite for yourself.

Chewy Autoship

What if you are unwaveringly loyal to a particular food brand? No sweat.’s Autoship service offers repeat deliveries of your pet’s must-have brands. You can even put a prescription on file if your kitty is on a veterinary diet.

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